Why Online Poker Training Sites are a Must for any Serious Poker Player

02 out 2014 22:45

Written by: Chris

Why Online Poker Training Sites are a Must for any Serious Poker Player

If you play poker, you want to get good. But how do you get better at a game that you mostly learn on your own?

There’s an easy solution to this believe it or not and you’re about to find out how!

In the olden days of poker, one would use the trial and error method to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Or they simply lost a lot of money and never figured it out. The game was much easier in those days because there was no wealth of information like we have today.

Enter the present game of poker where you can have access to just about anything. Poker has taken advantage of this and now you can find all types of poker training sites. You can also find poker coaching online as well as forums that will help you become a much better player faster than ever before.

If you’re serious about playing poker, you should be using one of the poker training sites around. There are numerous ones out there, but only a handful are worth anything. I would recommend any of the following sites.

  • Cardrunners
  • Blue Fire Poker
  • Deuces Cracked
  • GrinderSchool

Cardrunners is by far my favorite and has some of the best online and live players around. They feature WSOP bracelet winners as well. And they have been around the longest of any poker training site.

The main advantage and the most obvious one is the ability to see how op pros play. That’s right; you can actually watch some of the best players around play poker. You get to see everything they do as if you were sitting behind them watching them play. You get to see hole cards and get a front row seat inside their minds.

One player who comes to mind is Brian Hastings. He was only on a little show called High Stakes Poker where he won a couple hundred thousand dollars. He’s one of the players who has made videos for Cardrunners.

When you join a site such as Cardrunners, you will have access to thousands of videos that showcase all forms of poker. From tournaments to cash games and even Sit N Gos, there’s a video for everything.

When I first started watching the videos, it made my game go from mediocre to amazing in less than a week. It opened up my eyes to so many new concepts and got me thinking about the game like I never did before. Just having the ability to watch someone else who has won millions play is worth its weight in gold.

If you look at it like this you’ll understand why you need it.

If you were to pay one of these players for just one hour of coaching, you would likely pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for just one hour. With a poker training site that has videos right at your fingertips of these same players, you can get thousands of hours of personal coaching for a couple bucks a month. Sometimes even free!

If you’re not jumping to a poker training site right now, you’re about to lose a lot of money. You should be searching Google right now for the best poker training you can find. So what are you waiting for?