$1.50 NL Hold'em [HU, Turbo, 2 Players]

Poker Network: Poker Stars
Game: TURBO NL Hold'em, Heads-Up
Tournament started: fev 26, 2013 08:47
Players: 2
Buy-In+Fee: $1,40+$0,10
Prize pool: $2,80

Poker Tournament Summary

The heads-up battle in the pokerstars $1.50 NL Hold'em [HU, Turbo, 2 Players] featured vitalik.g taking on ™p®ais*xd™. In the end, vitalik.g emerged victorious and cashed for $2,80.

Poker Player Hits

  • vitalik.g participated in 356 similar poker tournaments. vitalik.g was in the money 188 times in total.
  • vitalik.g's place was 2 in previous poker tournament and vitalik.g won $0,00.
  • The total number of players to cash in this tournament was 1.

Tournament Results

Rank Name Prize
1 vitalik.g $2.80
2 ™p®ais*XD™ $0.00